About the Collection

One of Australia's largest teaching collections of real human specimens, this important teaching collection includes dissected anatomy and pathology specimens, moulages, death masks and historical teaching models.

Auzoux papier mâché models

The Auzoux models, referred to as ‘Anatomie Clastique du Dr Auzoux’, were made Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux (1797–1880), a French anatomist and physician, using papier mâché.

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Steger/His plaster models

In an effort to make anatomical models more affordable, a partnership between sculptor Franz Josef Steger (1845–1938) and embryologist Wilhelm His (1831–1904) formed to produce relatively simple, yet anatomically accurate, gypsum-based teaching models.

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Wax Moulages

Wax dermatological wax moulages created by Herman Lawrence (1863–1936)and Jules Baretta (1833-1923).

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Death masks

Criminal death masks, including that of notorious Australian bushrangers, Ned Kelly and Dan Morgan

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