Museum access

The museum is not open to the public other than on the University’s annual Open Day, held in August.

Swipe card access is provided to University of Melbourne students enrolled in the following subjects:

ANAT20006 MEDS90001 (Year 1 to 4)
ANAT30007 PATH20001
ANAT30008 PATH20003
ANAT90004 PATH30001
ANAT90008 PATH30002
ANAT90011 PATH30003
BIOM20001 PATH30004
BIOM20002 PHYT90096 (Year 1 to 3)

Enrolled anatomy and pathology students experiencing difficulty accessing the Harry Brookes Allen Museum, and other students in relevant disciplines who want to apply for casual access should email

Other students in relevant disciplines may apply for casual access via the museum curator. This is usually granted to students who have a legitimate study-related purpose for visiting the museum.


Tours of the Harry Brookes Allen Museum are available for biomedical professionals, students, and other relevant groups. We offer guided tours, or unaccompanied access to the museum.

BookingCapacityDuration Cost (inc. GST)
Tour with guide 25 visitors Approx. 1 hour $200.00
Access (no guide) 25 visitors Approx. 1 hour $95.00

For all tour and student access enquiries, please contact the museum at

Rules of Entry

  • Only students of anatomy and/or pathology subjects have regular access to this facility
  • No unauthorised access
  • Casual access may be available to eligible visitors by appointment only (telephone 8344 5750 or email the curator)
  • Do not give access to others with your swipe card
  • Return all plastinated specimens, osteology specimens, potted specimens, models and laser pointers to their original locations after use
  • No photography or filming of any kind
  • Please take your rubbish with you when you leave

For further information on the museum, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.